Porsche Taycan GTS No. 1 car review

Porsche Taycan GTS No. 1 car review

Porsche Taycan GTS No. 1 car review

Porsche Taycan GTS specification

  • Fuel: Electric
  • Fuel Efficiency: N/A
  • Electric Range: 317 km
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity: N/A
  • Charging Method: N/A
  • Fast Charging Time: N/A
  • Standard Charging Time: N/A
  • Drive Type: 4WD
  • Motor Max Power: 440 kW
  • Motor Max Torque: 850.0 Nm
  • Curb Weight: 2315.0 Kg
  • Top Speed: 250 km/h
  • 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) Acceleration: 3.7 seconds
  • Level of Autonomous Driving: N/A
  • Low Emission Rating: 1
  • Front Tire Size: 245/45R20
  • Rear Tire Size: 285/40R20
  • Front Brake Type: V-Disc
  • Rear Brake Type: V-Disc
  • Front Suspension Type: Double Wishbone
  • Rear Suspension Type: Multi-link
  • Power Steering Type: Electric
  • Seating Capacity: 5

Porsche Taycan GTS No. 1 car review

Design and appearance

Front Design:
  • The front of the Porsche Taycan GTS features a sleek and aerodynamic design.
  • It includes Porsche’s signature four-point LED headlights that give the car a distinctive and aggressive look.
  • The front grille is minimalistic and enhances the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.
  • A sculpted hood adds to the sporty appearance, and it integrates seamlessly with the front fascia.
Side Design:
  • The side profile of the Taycan GTS is characterized by its low-slung and coupe-like silhouette.
  • The sloping roofline flows smoothly into the rear, giving the car a sporty and elegant appearance.
  • The prominent wheel arches house large alloy wheels, underlining the car’s performance capabilities.
  • The absence of traditional door handles contributes to the car’s aerodynamic efficiency and modern aesthetics.
Rear Design:
  • At the rear, the Taycan GTS features a full-width LED light bar that connects the taillights, creating a visually striking effect.
  • The rear bumper is sculpted and integrated with dual exhaust outlets, even though the car is electric and doesn’t require exhaust pipes.
  • The clean and uncluttered design of the rear emphasizes the car’s performance-oriented nature.
Wheel Design:
  • The Taycan GTS comes with a range of wheel options, including large, multi-spoke alloy wheels that enhance the car’s overall aesthetics.
  • The wheels are designed not only for style but also for aerodynamic efficiency, contributing to the car’s performance and range.

Porsche Taycan GTS No. 1 car review

Performance and Engine

  • The Porsche Taycan GTS is known for its exceptional performance, offering thrilling acceleration and handling.
  • It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in just about 3 seconds, making it a high-performance electric sports car.
  • The car’s handling is precise and responsive, thanks to its advanced suspension and steering systems.
  • It offers a sporty driving experience with sharp cornering capabilities and a low center of gravity.
  • The Taycan GTS is powered by a dual-electric motor setup—one motor on each axle, resulting in an all-wheel-drive (AWD) configuration.
  • The combined power output of these electric motors is around 590 horsepower (440 kW), providing impressive acceleration and speed.
  • It’s equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack, although the exact capacity may vary depending on the model year.
  • The Taycan GTS offers an estimated driving range of around 300 miles (482 km) on a single charge, depending on driving conditions and usage.
  • The electric powertrain is not only powerful but also efficient, with regenerative braking to recapture energy during deceleration.

Porsche Taycan GTS No. 1 car review

Interior Space and Convenience Features

Interior Space:
  • The Taycan GTS offers a luxurious and spacious interior designed to provide both driver and passengers with a comfortable and premium experience.
  • The cabin is well-appointed with high-quality materials, including premium leather upholstery, brushed aluminum accents, and a variety of customizable options for a personalized touch.
  • The rear seats are comfortable and offer adequate legroom and headroom for adult passengers.
  • The overall interior design is modern and sleek, with a driver-oriented cockpit featuring a large infotainment screen and digital instrument cluster.
  • Despite being a sports car, the Taycan GTS provides ample cargo space, including a front trunk (frunk) and a rear trunk, making it practical for everyday use.
Convenience Features:
  • The Taycan GTS comes equipped with a wide range of advanced convenience features to enhance the driving experience.
  • It features a high-resolution infotainment system with a responsive touchscreen, voice control, and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto).
  • The car offers a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and traffic sign recognition.
  • The cabin is equipped with a premium sound system, offering excellent audio quality for music enthusiasts.
  • The Taycan GTS also features advanced climate control with options for heated and ventilated seats to ensure passenger comfort in various weather conditions.
  • Charging the electric battery is made convenient with access to a network of charging stations and fast-charging capabilities for shorter charging times.

It’s time to test drive for yourself!

Porsche Taycan GTS Demonstration Rider

  • The Taycan GTS boasts a luxurious cabin with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.
  • The cockpit is driver-centric, featuring a digital instrument cluster and a large infotainment screen that’s easy to use and highly responsive.
  • The seats are supportive and comfortable, even during spirited driving, and they offer a wide range of adjustments for an ideal seating position.
  • Rear passengers enjoy ample legroom, making it suitable for longer journeys.
  • The cabin is well-insulated, providing a quiet and serene environment for occupants.
Ride Comfort:
  • The ride comfort in the Taycan GTS is impressive, thanks to its adaptive air suspension system.
  • It soaks up road imperfections and provides a smooth and controlled ride, even on rough surfaces.
  • The suspension can be adjusted to suit different driving modes, from a comfortable and compliant setting for daily commuting to a sportier setup for spirited driving.
  • Porsche’s engineering excellence shines in the Taycan GTS’s handling capabilities.
  • It offers precise and responsive steering, allowing the driver to easily navigate twists and turns with confidence.
  • The low center of gravity, thanks to the floor-mounted battery pack, contributes to the car’s exceptional stability in corners.
  • Porsche’s all-wheel-drive system ensures excellent traction, even in adverse weather conditions.
  • The Taycan GTS strikes an impressive balance between sporty handling and daily drivability.

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